Maxwell Alexander Drake

Imagined Interprises, Inc. is proud to announce that we have signed Maxwell Alexander Drake as our first official author!!!

We took one look at Maxwell Alexander Drake's (or Drake as he goes by) work and were simply blown away. We all looked at each other and said, "Now this is how a Fantasy Saga should read!"

We have signed his six novel series the Genesis of Oblivion Saga and are currently working on the third novel, which has an official release date of April, 2012.

The Collector's Editions of this series of books can be ordered at our Online Bookstore signed by Drake with your name!

Check out the official Genesis of Oblivion website for full details and to get the first five chapters absolutely free!!!

For more information about Drake, please check out his Official Website. Here you will find out what he is up to and his scheduled appearances, check out his blog, and join him in his educational writing classes.

J.T. Hartke

It is well known that J. T. slew several dragons in the pasture near the farm where he grew up. He found the hidden Waterfall of Life deep in his grandfather’s woods, with only his little brother and their dog, Pongo, to aid him. Many other quests, often borne from the classic books of fantasy literature, consumed his days and nights.

After a long, dark quest through a much feared land known as "Q'orp'orate Qubicle", J.T. Hartke was cast out to find his own way. He spent a short time cooking for a mad master and another stint as a fool. He learned many lessons during his exile, the greatest of which led to his muse. At last, J. T. took it upon himself to create his own quest -- and thus was born The Dragonsoul Saga.

Learn more about him at his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter @jthartke, or read his blogs on writing and fantasy fun at

Robert Lassen

British author Robert Lassen created his first fictional dragon at the age of eight. It was the start of a life-long love of writing fiction, and the genesis of an unwavering dream to earn his living as a novelist. Putting it all temporarily on hold in order to serve his country, Lassen joined the Royal Air Force in 2002. Eleven years and two wars later, he blended his military experience with his love of dark fantasy in his debut novel, Wrathful Skies - the first in a trilogy set during the dark depths of the Second World War, when the end truly justified the means and no weapon was beyond consideration, no matter how sinister.

Lassen lives in England with his Californian wife and their two children, and loves every minute he spends facing once again the dragons of his youth on behalf of Sony Online Entertainment.

Keep up to date with what he is doing on his office website,